Athfest Educates Presents the Pied Piper, Reading and Tech PACTS, Upcoming LMC Challenges and Events

We’ve been busy in the OAES school library media center!

Actors from the Woodruff Center of the Arts performed the Pied Piper of Hamelin for grades K-3.  This performance was made possible by a grant from Athfest Educates, with additional expenses covered by your book fair. We learned the origins of the phrase “You must pay the piper,” and also discussed the importance of keeping one’s word.  Great fun was had by all involved. Again, thanks Athfest.  We think you rule!

Mr. Barrett and Mrs. Sugiuchi led a discussion on Digital Literacy in CCSD and focused on the importance of setting media family rules. Missed our session?  We will be hosting a recap in January‘s K-3 PACTS- any OGL community member is welcome to attend.
Mrs. Sugiuchi also hosted the November K-3 PACTS in the media center.  Parents and kids read together and practiced checking for understanding– kids rolled a dice and answered the question asked.Watching our families read together was the best!

Several of our 4th and 5th grade reading groups have wrapped up their book clubs.  Come check out our library displays!

The poetry cluster ended.  We read poems at the Fall Cluster Fair.  We printed a poetry book which you can check out from the media center. We had the best time, and now that it is over, are oh so sad.

 Our fifth grade girls library lunch bunch is preparing to interview Bertis Downsmanager of R.E.M about how Oglethorpe students created the backdrops that were used in R.E.M.’s Shiny Happy People video. We will interview former OAES teacher April Chapman about how her class created the murals in January. These murals are still in our cafeteria.

All November Reading Rock Stars earned a limited edition OAES Library Sticker.  There will be no December Reading Rock Star Celebration- though special stickers will be earned by those who read lots. Show Mrs. Sugiuchi your reading log when you get back from Christmas Break and she will award you a special prize.  
Also, all Wildcats should take part in the December Writing challenge.  All students who write 20 journal entries in 31 days are eligible to receive a special prize.  Note: these journal entries will not be due until we return on January 6.  (I am giving you extra days.)

Several of our interns are either graduating or moving on to other extracurricular activies.  Make sure you say goodbye and thank them before you go on break!

Please take note of these upcoming events:

December 5- Woodruff Center for the Arts presents Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory. This performance is made possible by an Athfest Educates grant.
4th grade performance at 10:00
-5th grade perfomance at 11:15

Wednesday, December 11 at 12:30- Pre-K book distribution from Books for Keeps- our students will be receiving free books! 


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