Searching, Similes, and the Soundtrack of John Coltrane’s Life

It’s been a great week here in the OAES library media center!  Our 4th grade have been using our new iPads to explore similes and idioms.  We researched different poems exploring similes.  Our new favorite is Willow and Gingko by Eve Miriam. We identified the similes, then created a few of our own using the Animal Idioms app.  It’s not my favorite app but was fun to try out, especially since it was free.

I like to tell our students how even though I have been a lifelong library geek, I never really understood how libraries worked until I was in college.  Consequently, one of my personal passions is teaching our students how libraries are organized and how to find materials on their own. This past week our  1st and 2nd grade classes have been using the iPads to search our library collection for books and resources that they love.  Then our interns, their teachers, and I have been helping them locate these materials.  It’s been exciting for everyone involved!

Our kindergarten and I have been reading about saxophonist John Coltrane.  We love Carol Boston Weatherford’s Before John Was a Jazz Giant which explores the sounds Coltrane heard as a child, and how he incorporated them into his music. We also learned about John Coltrane at his official site. We finished by watching excerpts from the following video, which has footage of John Coltrane playing live.


Lastly, we have been organizing our spring book  clubs.  Some of our students have even begun their book clubs with our new interns.  We have some fabulous interns working with us the semester.  Check back next week- we will have a post introducing them.

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