Read Across America Week, Upcoming Events, Book Club Trailer

This week we are having a week long literacy celebration.  We have several literacy stations set up in the OAES School Library Media Center. Kids and adults have LOVED!

The kids have enjoyed reading and relaxing with Dr. Seuss books at Seuss Stations. At “What’s Your Favorite Book?” we already have over a hundred titles collected on hearts.  They have enjoyed creating poems at Poetry Word Scramble, and writing down favorite lines from poems at Poetry Bookmark.  A surprising favorite has been the letter writing station , where the kids can write a letter to their favorite author or to someone they love.  The iPad station has been the most popular; our kids and teachers have had a great time exploring our ebooks and apps.  It has been fun to experiment using different stations in the library. I have great ideas for the rest of this year and next.

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A group of our 5th graders completed their first book club trailer to Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water.  <3!

Also, our intern Molly Faust was profiled in the Athens Banner Herald for volunteering. We so appreciate the work all our volunteers do! They help make our media center into a place our kids love.

We have three big events happening soon.  On Thursday, March 20th, author Nancy Krulik will meet with our 2nd grade and discuss the writing process.  Can’t wait! Book Fair will be held March 24-28.  Information about volunteering will be linked soon. And 5th grade, read your heart out-  5th grade Battle of the Books will be held Monday, March 24 @ 8:45.

Happy reading to all of you!

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