January Recap, a Donors Choose Grant, and Judge Makin Visits!

Last week Judge Ben Makin, a parent from our school, visited our 3rd grade.  We asked him lots of great questions about our judicial system.  We learned what a judge does, how judges use evidence to make decisions, and more.  Mrs. Sugiuchi took notes.  You can read them here.

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Over the past month we’ve read a variety of books exploring persuasive writing, civil rights history, and the Battle of the Books. Crowd favorites include Ruth and the Green Book, the Lorax, and This Is the Dream.  We also have been working on reference skills using the dictionary and thesaurus.

Our main focus this month is exploring new authors.  We are compiling lists of authors we like, figuring out their call numbers, and finding them on the shelves, a skill I hope you will use your entire life! Next week we will create lists of our favorite authors in padlet.

Recently Mrs. Sugiuchi wrote a Donors Choose grant called Readers Are Leaders.  It was fully funded within five days!  We used it to buy books our students have requested, mainly superheroes and princess stories.  Big thanks to all for your support.  You rule!


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