This Summer, Be a Reading Rock Star!

We’ve had a great year of reading, Wildcats!  It’s hard to believe that summer is here.  Books build brains!  Make sure you read all summer. If you do, when you come back in the fall, we will celebrate with a special Reading Rock Star party.

How can you be a Summer Reading Rock Star?

1. Read.

2. Track your reading.  This could be on a log for the Athens Clarke County Library (pick one up at the library on Baxter Street).  You can use one of our logs, or you can write them down on a sheet of paper.

3.  Remember that you have to read at least 10 hours or 20 books.

4.  Turn in your log or certificate of reading from Athens Clarke County Library to Mrs. Sugiuchi in August.  Then you will be invited to our party!

We also want to celebrate our Reading Super Stars, the kids who read the most books. Each student who reads the most books in each grade will be invited to a special afternoon in the library for READING SUPERSTARS with a friend of their choice.  We will have fun and games and maybe even a movie!

How can you become a Reading Super Star?

1.  Read.  Read every day or almost every day.

2.  Track your reading on a reading log.  You can use our log, or one you made yourself.  This log will need to be signed.

3. Turn in your log to Mrs. Sugiuchi in August.  I can’t wait to see how many books you have read!

4.  For extra recognition, turn in your log to the Athens-Clarke County Library. Make sure you have a copy so we can track all the books you have read.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Sugiuchi read 123 books in 1st grade!

For extra reading fun and prizes, join the summer reading programs at Avid Bookshop and Barnes and Noble.  They have great storytimes too!

You can also watch this video about our summer reading program.

This week we sent home lists of suggested books to read.  They can be found here.

Happy Reading!

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