Happy Last Day!

Happy last day everyone!  Will miss you this summer!  Make sure to take part in our summer reading program.  Details may be found here.

We did so many cool projects at the end of the school year that I did not have time to post- our tech support quit so I was doing my best to keep the computers working during any spare time:).  However, I am linking all the projects I can remember creating for your summer viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

3rd Grade Wax Museum:

Our 3rd grade class researched historical figures and dressed up as them.  Our 4th graders shot the video.  Awesome intern Madison Ingram helped me string the shots together.

Ms. Buchanan’s class

Ms. Collins’ Class

Ms. Wheeler’s Class

Ms. Lane’s Class


Poetry Is Poems by Blackwell, Lane, Buchanan, Mize,  Messori, Dykes and Wheeler’s Class

PRE-K made some cute poems!

Ms. Garcia’s Class

Ms. Emory’s Class

Several grade levels and I made Magnet style Poetry using an app called Lark.  We also made Blackout Poetry.  We linked it all together using an app called Shadowpuppet.  I love their poems!

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