Meet Ms. Sugiuchi


Ms. Sugi wearing her Crown of Poems.

Welcome! My name is Ms. Sugiuchi, but you can call me Ms. Sugi for short. I love to read all kinds of materials- fiction, nonfiction, biographies, graphic novels, fantasy, etc.  My goal- to get you to LOVE reading as much as I do.  Why?

  1. Reading makes you smarter. Books build brains!
  2. Reading makes you a better thinker, and a better writer.  Learn about history (Why did the Titanic sink?  Who were the Aztecs?).  Learn about science (What is a black hole?).
  3. Readers are leaders. Readers tend to be better speakers and writers because they know the power of persuading people with their words.
  4. Reading makes you an expert: learn to draw, to play guitar, to sew, to do magic tricks!  Reading take you places you have never been—During this past year, I’ve travelled toIndia, to England, to Chile—all over the world—inside my head!
  5. Readers are more creative because good books set your imagination on fire.
  6. Good readers excel in school, graduate from high school, and go to college. If you have a college education, you are more likely to find a career that you love.  You also have the potential to earn more money.
  7. How can you become a good reader? Practice your reading daily!

Visit our school library media center, and let us help find the right book for you! Looking forward to seeing you.

<3, <3, ❤

Ms. Sugiuchi

Deirdre Sugiuchi, M.Ed., School Library Media Specialist
Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School
1150 Oglethorpe Avenue / Athens, GA 30606 / (706) 549-0762 x60280

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