Summer Reading

Hi friends!  Don’t forget to read all summer because books build brains! Keep track of what you read, and we will recognize you for being a reading rock star in August. 

How can you be a Summer Reading Rock Star?

1. Read.

2. Track your reading.  This could be on a log for the Athens Clarke County Library (pick one up at the library on Baxter Street).  You can use one of our logs, or you can write them down on a sheet of paper.

3.  Remember that you have to read at least 15 hours or 30 books.

4.  Turn in your log or certificate of reading from Athens Clarke County Library to Mrs. Sugiuchi in August.  Then you will be invited to our ice cream social!

Remember: if you read 30 books or 15 hours, you will be invited to a Special Reading Rock Stars Party in August.  If you read 50 books or 25 hours, you can help OAES win the reading trophy.  We only need 70 students to make this happen.  Be ONE OF THESE STUDENTS!!! Kick off your summer reading with a party at the ACC Library on Baxter Street on May 19th. Find more information about their program here: LibrarySRP2018 Happy Reading!  

For extra reading fun and prizes, join the summer reading programs at Avid Bookshop and Barnes and Noble.  They have great storytimes too!

This week we sent home lists of suggested books to read.  They can be found below.

Families- want tips on Ways to Raise a Reader? Check out these suggestions!

Happy Reading!

Book Lists:

Want to read online?  Check out MyOn!


Ms. Sugi and Mr. Evan (of the ACC Library) want you to read!


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