Two Amazing Author Visits

We had two amazing author visits this past semester!

Lois Ruby, author of The Doll Graveyard and other Oglethorpe faves, came and led a writing workshop with our fifth graders in September!  It was amazing!


Later that month, author and illustrator Ben Hatke came and spoke with our 3rd and 4th graders.  He spoke to us about how he creates his graphic novels and picture books, which include the Zita the Spacegirl series and Mighty Jack!

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Dia de Los Muertos

Our school is moving in December to a different location, so it’s been a crazy semester. We still had time for some Dia de Los Muertos fun! We set up an ofrenda in the media center, learned about the holiday, and made some crafts- papel picado in the upper grades and paper flowers in the lower grades.

Reading Rock Star Party and Upcoming Events

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Last Friday we had our Reading Rock Star Party. It was so much fun!  Big thanks to all of our volunteers- I could not have pulled it off without you!

Don’t forget, logs are due this Tuesday, August 23rd!

On September 6, in honor of National Library Card Sign-Up Month, Mrs. Sugiuchi will meet you at the Athens-Clarke County Library to sign up for a library card, explore the library, or just check out books.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

We have two upcoming author events.  On Monday, September 19th, author Lois Ruby will be visiting our 5th grade.  And on Wednesday, September 28th, author Ben Hatke will be visiting our 3rd and 4th grade. Don’t forget to turn in your forms to reserve your own copy of a signed book!

Happy reading!

















Welcome Back!

Hey all, 
Welcome back! Hope you had a great summer! So happy to see our students:).  They will begin visiting the library next week.  We checked out computers and textbooks this week.
Summer reading logs are due tomorrow, Friday, August 12th. August logs are are due August 23. Info about the Summer Reading Rock Star Incentives can be found here. 
Books for Keeps is a local organization that donates 12 free books to every child in our school ( as well as several others).  Their annual fundraising book sale, located in the former Vision Video in Homewood, starts today.  They have lots of great books priced to sell from $.25 to $3. More info can be found here.
We have distributed personal learning devices to every student grades 2-5. They will not start going home until Monday, and then per teacher’s discretion. This is a link to the Learning Technologies Overview, which covers acceptable use guidelines. It will go home in your child’s folder by next week. Please review with your child. 
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Happy Last Day!

Happy last day everyone!  Will miss you this summer!  Make sure to take part in our summer reading program.  Details may be found here.

We did so many cool projects at the end of the school year that I did not have time to post- our tech support quit so I was doing my best to keep the computers working during any spare time:).  However, I am linking all the projects I can remember creating for your summer viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

3rd Grade Wax Museum:

Our 3rd grade class researched historical figures and dressed up as them.  Our 4th graders shot the video.  Awesome intern Madison Ingram helped me string the shots together.

Ms. Buchanan’s class

Ms. Collins’ Class

Ms. Wheeler’s Class

Ms. Lane’s Class


Poetry Is Poems by Blackwell, Lane, Buchanan, Mize,  Messori, Dykes and Wheeler’s Class

PRE-K made some cute poems!

Ms. Garcia’s Class

Ms. Emory’s Class

Several grade levels and I made Magnet style Poetry using an app called Lark.  We also made Blackout Poetry.  We linked it all together using an app called Shadowpuppet.  I love their poems!

Book Fair, Visits with Henry Cole and Judge Makin

In February, we had the most amazing visit with Henry Cole,  author and illustrator of OAES favorites Unspoken and A Nest for Celeste.  He was here to promote his most recent book, The Somewhat True Adventures of Sammy Shine.  I can’t say enough about how amazing and entertaining this visit was.

Yesterday Judge Makin came to speak to our 3rd grade about being a judge and the judicial branch.  It was very informative.  The kids were enthralled!

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Our Book Fair begins next week, but you can start shopping now at our online book fair. If you’d like to volunteer at our book fair, please sign up here.  Our book fair will be open March 21-March 25.  Come support our school library!

Monday, March 21, 11:30 a.m.-2:45 p.m.

Tuesday, March 22,  7:30-2:45 p.m.

Wednesday, March 23,  7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 24, 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Friday, March 25, 7:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


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Wildcats Win the District Book-a-Palooza!

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Way to go, Wildcats! Our students won 1st place in the District Book-a-Palooza, and we got to bring home the coveted trophy. Congrats to Soli Nackashi (1st place, Writing), Natasha Williams (2nd place, Technology), Gus Waldrip (3rd place, Performance), Jael Flores (3rd Place, Tri-fold) and Diego Somilleda (Honorable Mention, Art). Big thanks to Ms. Porter and all the other teachers who encouraged our kids to compete. And of course, I’m beyond thrilled- we’ve never taken home the trophy before!

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Book-a-Palooza, Reading Rock Star Party, and the Grinch

Today we had our first Book-A-Palooza, a contest where our students celebrated their love of books by creating projects in five different categories- Art, Performance, Technology, Tri- fold, and Writing.  We are super proud of all of our participants. A complete list of our winners is below.

1st- Diego
2nd- Alana
1st- Natasha
2nd- Adriana
3rd- Aaronn, Jonathon, Osmar
1st- Jael
2nd- Mayra
3rd- Riley
1st- Soli
2nd- Zaniyah
1st- Gus
You can watch our book trailers here:
We are very proud of all of our Reading Rock Stars, students who turned in three or more reading logs by December.  We will have our Reading Rock Stars party this Friday.  Check this link for participants and times.  Parents and guardians, please let me know if you’d like to volunteer.  
Lastly, thanks to Avid Bookshop and volunteer Beth Wagner Staton, the Grinch visited our school in December.  Check out pictures of the Grinch, Book-a-Palooza, and other library happenings in our slideshow.

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Hour of Code

We’ve been busy!

This month we are taking part in the hour of code.  Today Marilyn Cole, who works at Digital Insight, a company that makes online banking software, came and spoke with Mr. Mize’s class about the importance of coding.

Want to code at home? Our younger grades are using a free app called the Foos. Our upper grades are using the resources at Hour of Code.  We’re learning to not just play games but to make them. Try them out!

Our 3rd-5th grade is gearing up for Bookapalooza, which will be held January 20.  Questions about a project?  Check out the CCSD Bookapalooza site.

We have been enjoying our new Osmos!  We’ve had fun with the drawing feature, tangrams, and words.  If you have an iPad at home, you might want to check Osmo out.  Feel free to stop by the media center and see what they do!

Lastly, don’t forget to read at home. Our next batch of reading logs will be due next Tuesday, December 15! If you have three turned in by that date, you are invited to our Reading Rock Star party.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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October Recap

We had lots of great events in October.

We had a fabulous author visit with C. Alexander London. Many of our students liked hearing that as a kid London,  “didn’t like to read but loved stories.” He was really into a video games, which he viewed as a different type of a story because they have all the elements (beginning, middle, end, problem and solution, cause and effect, details, and setting).  He writes several drafts of each book on a computer.  Big secret:  There’s a dog (his) in every book.

Dr. Maurice Snook came and spoke with our 3-5th grades about chemistry.  He did lots of cool experiments.  Lots of ooos and ahhhs.

We had our book fair, and it was the most profitable one ever.  We sold a $1000 more of merchandise than last year!  We bought lots of new books for the library, and more are coming.  There’s a pic of some of our new books in our slideshow.

Last week we had storybook character day.  Our kindergarten held their annual parade, which was as adorable as always.  Many of our teachers dressed up.  Pictures are in the slideshow.

One of the favorite days of the school year happens at the end of the year, when Books for Keeps visits and distributes 12 free books to each kid in our school.  They have been nominated for an award by the L’Oreal Foundation.  You can view the video here.  Vote for the video, and they can win $25,000 more. You can vote for Books for Keeps at their website, on Facebook (by sharing the link), and on Twitter (by sharing the link).  You can vote on each of these three platforms once a day.  If Books for Keeps wins, they will be able to serve more schools in Clarke County. Hooray!

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