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:  Research the Native Americans.  Learn about all 50 states!  (username: oaes, password: oaes)

GALILEO Kids – GALILEO Kids can be accessed from any school computer or at home with a password. It features easy-to-use links to all of these resources:

  • SIRS Discoverer – Magazine and newspaper articles, biographies, country facts, pictures, maps, and kid-friendly websites
  • Kids Search – Magazine and newspaper articles, images, encyclopedia, and animals
  • Britannica Elementary – The online version of Encyclopedia Britannica, which includes maps, pictures, dictionary, and thesaurus
  • Digital Library of Georgia – Georgia history in books, letters, photos, and more
  • – kids’ sites from the US government

Beyond Google – Other Search Engines

Oolone –  visual search engine allows you to search the web by viewing the resulting websites as images before visiting them

Sweet Search – search engine for kids that searches only credible Web sites approved by Internet research experts

instaGrok –  research tool lets users search for content and visualize relationships between topics

KidsClick! – a web search site designed for kids by librarians
National Geographic Kids Creature Feature – visual animal search that can be filtered by classification or by habitat

Search Engines  Yahooligans

Ask for Kids



Boolify (a tool for learning how to search)

Pebble Go


Technology Tools

Cool Tools for School


General Research Help

GalileoLibrary Spot Reference Desk

Internet Public Library Kidspace


Library of Congress Archives
 Encyclopedia ResourcesGeorgia EncyclopediaEncyclopedia Britannica 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary and


Word Study

Synonyms (Very Challenging, but you can set the level in options)

Wordle (A way to creatively arrange many words, like a type of poem)


Bibliography Generators

Citation Machine

Bib Me


Current Events

Online Athens

Atlanta Journal

CNN Student News

Flagpole Magazine

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