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October Recap

We had lots of great events in October.

We had a fabulous author visit with C. Alexander London. Many of our students liked hearing that as a kid London,  “didn’t like to read but loved stories.” He was really into a video games, which he viewed as a different type of a story because they have all the elements (beginning, middle, end, problem and solution, cause and effect, details, and setting).  He writes several drafts of each book on a computer.  Big secret:  There’s a dog (his) in every book.

Dr. Maurice Snook came and spoke with our 3-5th grades about chemistry.  He did lots of cool experiments.  Lots of ooos and ahhhs.

We had our book fair, and it was the most profitable one ever.  We sold a $1000 more of merchandise than last year!  We bought lots of new books for the library, and more are coming.  There’s a pic of some of our new books in our slideshow.

Last week we had storybook character day.  Our kindergarten held their annual parade, which was as adorable as always.  Many of our teachers dressed up.  Pictures are in the slideshow.

One of the favorite days of the school year happens at the end of the year, when Books for Keeps visits and distributes 12 free books to each kid in our school.  They have been nominated for an award by the L’Oreal Foundation.  You can view the video here.  Vote for the video, and they can win $25,000 more. You can vote for Books for Keeps at their website, on Facebook (by sharing the link), and on Twitter (by sharing the link).  You can vote on each of these three platforms once a day.  If Books for Keeps wins, they will be able to serve more schools in Clarke County. Hooray!

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Exciting Events!

Tomorrow, author C. Alexander London will be visiting our media center.  We are thrilled!  London is debuting his new novel, the Wild Ones.  He is also the author of the Accidental Adventure series. Thanks Avid Bookshop for making this happen.

We have been having many fun lessons in the media center on how to find information.  First we went on scavenger hunts, then we filmed ourselves discussing the process with flipgrid, a technique that we really enjoy here because it requires us to actively think about what we are learning.  Our younger grades have been using flipgrid to share what they know about their favorite fiction books.

Check out our grids below!

2nd and 3rd grade:

Finding Fiction and Everyone Books

Using the Dewey Decimal System


Fiction Books

(You can email me for the password at sugiuchid@clarke.k12.ga.us or find it on our facebook site).

Last week our Osmos arrived!  Osmos are a game system that allows children to use iPads in interactive play.  This week we have been trying out the tangram feature, which helps our kids think spatially, and introduces them to geometrical concepts. I first used an Osmo in Andy Plemmons Media Center at Barrow- and our kids and teachers LOVE! Check out pictures below.

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Our book fair will be held October 13-19.  More updates will be posted soon.

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