Student Visits

When can students visit the library?

Students may visit the library with a teacher’s permission between 7:15am and 2:35pm. The best times are in the morning before 8:00 or in the afternoon from 1:45-2::35pm.

Other times are available during the school week depending on the library schedule. During independent library visits, students may check out books, read independently, work on research or assignments, or use the computer.

Visiting guidelines:

  • Grades 3-5: These students can check their own books in and out of the library and may visit any time during the day. If I am teaching when they come in, they will have to choose and check out independently. If I’m not teaching, I’ll be glad to help them find what they need.
  • Grade 2: These students will learn how to check books in and out of the library this year. Until they can do this on their own, they should come only when I am not teaching and can help them!
  • Grades PreK-1: These students should only visit the library with an adult or during a time when I am not teaching so that they will have the help they need finding and checking out their books.
  • When teachers send students to the library with a pass, smaller groups (1-3 students) are best.

After dismissal, students are only allowed in the library with an adult. I have afternoon car duty and often have meetings, so I am not always there to supervise students after school. ASP students should not come to the library without an adult.

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